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I've been a commenter on io9 since the second week it went live in January 2008, if I recall. I just lurked the first week, at least a few days.

With an article titled "How to Have Sex With Someone You Don't Think Is Hot", I'm not giving anywhere else in the Gawker network any clicks. Provocative curiosity isn't going to work. We're done. Bite me, Jez. I will indeed judge this book by it's cover.

This pic is from a scifi themed goth/fetish club event that happened on the eastside of Hollywood last Saturday. Fun stuffs.

I've never enjoyed this holiday, or the 1st of the year. It always feels like Sunday— nothing is open, not much to do.

So I got on a procrastination jag, and instead of playing a game I went looking for virtual tours and 3D reconstructions of ancient monumental architecture.